Wednesday, March 28, 2007

one pot + daniel tucker = april 1

we are keeping this one simple. soup. and daniel. if you care about city, and the arts, and some more of the stuff I will paste in below - please sign up and come. sam gould, myself, and western bridge curator eric fredrickson will launch into a panel discussion with mr. tucker post souping. it is in the absolutely stupendously beautiful roy mcmackin designed western bridge gallery and art space - it will be a warm and convivial evening. here is some more info on daniel:
daniel tucker is an artist and organizer visitingfrom chicago. he will be speaking of his work with AREA chicago, abiannual publication (of which he is editor) dedicated to researching and networking the art, education, and activist practices within the city ofchicago.
AREA connects disparate yet vital work and weavesnarratives that bring engaged chicagoans together through critical writing, media and documentation. - MH

illustration by neil brideau

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