Wednesday, May 16, 2007

one pot + apicius = may 22

morgan brownlow is in my mind one of the most talented chefs cooking today – he rose to fame at our little restaurant clarklewis – but before that he worked with some of the most thoughtful and respected culinarians alive. not only is he a storehouse of knowledge on whole animal butchery, the curing of meaty things, and most other things food – he is also a damn talented artist, draughtsman, writer of strangely beautiful verse, and a student of the intricacies of culinary history. we are starting a series of dinners where morgan is going to drop head first down into the world of several vastly influential gourmands, sensualists, and food theorists. apicius, artusi, beard, brillat-savarin, catherine de medici, (sh*t maybe even de sade). each dinner will be a personal exploration of each of these pillars – these people that have informed, shaped as if from clay, the world of the things we love to put into our mouths, the things that make us drool. each dinner will include a hand drawn exploration of each dish and it’s history – a kind of small well-made zine or deconstructed recipe book. the first dinner dives right into ancient rome, and plucks apicius (if that was his name) by his ankle. we are thinking these dinners will be in the $40-50 range – let us know if you want to be on the pre-reserve list…
the dinners will be held at the soon-to-open-capital-hill-gallery “vermillion” and-it-is-pretty. - MH

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