Monday, June 11, 2007

one pot + brillat savarin = june 19

“morgan brownlow and the history of the mouth” this series is about morgan investigating the most influential culinary writers/thinkers/personalities throughout the ages. investigating through cooking, through drawing, and through writing – in the end we will be producing and sending out a lovely zine chalk full of his strange musements to all the folks that attend at least one of the dinners. morgan draws beautifully, thinks through food like some kind of demonic force, writes like the priest in blood meridian, and of course cooks like a complete f’cking saint. brillat savarin is on the chopping block on june 19th – his great masterwork the physiology of taste stands among the most influential culinary tombs of all time – and the stunning translation by m.f.k. fisher makes reading the work intensely seductive – “perhaps the greatest literary flirtation of all time”. future “mouth” dinners will include artusi, catherine de medici, james beard, and maybe de sade (if we can make the leap) and a strange midsummer evening with artist jim riswold as we discover why even really bad people need really good food, think one pot with hitler, mao, stalin, etc… check out his site and perhaps it will become more clear.

*morgan brownlow is a stupidly talented chef - famous for putting clarklewis (in portland oregon) on the culinary map - in my mind he is one of the best chefs presently cooking - anywhere. he is also an stupidly talented artist, and a writer of odd, passionate, disturbing verse. - MH 

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