Friday, June 15, 2007

one pot + georgetown carnival = june 23

the georgetown carnival will overtake that sweet little intersection surrounding all city coffee – it is a full day of mayhem including power tool races, freakish clowns, belly dancers and god knows what else – just imagine that an urban version of burning man will be descending on this quiet village for a day. and then as the day grows darker things get more flushed - I think there are something like 5 stages and among the sea of music expect to see the master musicians of bukkake, the shut-ins, and hometown darlings visqueen. we will be tucked into a store front overlooking all of the late night action. our doors will open at 10 – and dinner will go into the early hours (well – more like 1am before we kick you back onto the street). this will be a night squarely about indulgence – there is nothing remotely intellectual on the docket – just plenty of damn fine food, drink, and a strange mardi gras like river flowing by - toes dangling in the water. - MH

it was a comical contraption to begin with – a 5 ton ceramic wood fired pizza oven swaying atop skinny legs and unlikely wheels – I guess a bit like a rhino on rollerskates – to add to the joke it was stuck inside a crumbling warehouse – as narrow as a sliver – and long, lovely, but heavily decaying walls, plaster freefalling, and light puncturing the whole roman scene. almost forgot the funny part. there was no hood vent – no chimney – just a funny stub of a pipe sticking out the top – and if the rumors were correct we were going to cook for something like 75 people in that room, that night, only using that stove.

the next steps were obvious. (to be continued)

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