Saturday, December 15, 2007

one pot + detroit II = date tbd

we did this once – we are going to do it again – and probably again. I tried to actually manifest one of these tents in rio last week – but it just wasn’t the right time, but those lovely rio folk (cariocas) have insisted that I come back down and do it – and do it right – they want to eat and drink and talk detroit, what did marcio botner say.. “it is just such a f#cked up idea, we need to do it.”
god bless ‘em.
so instead of blasting you with the details – click here for the invitation to the first one, the upcoming dateless thing will be similar
and talk to me about detroit – I need old family recipes, photos, whatever – we are opening pandora’s box here, give me stuff. -MH
location: the hideout

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