Monday, December 3, 2007

one pot + songs for eating and drinking = dec 16

this first dinner is a test run. an idea hatched by one pot, the ever rocking venue neumos, and the folks at caffe vita . concept: get a bunch of insanely talented musicians together – and let them share songs, food, and drink. many a musical career starts with small audiences, impromptu performances, late night mutterings - and then the lucky end up on large stages and tucked deep inside recording studios - often vastly disconnected from those that love their music. my friends in the music industry have bellyached that industry folk hardly ever share food in a meaningful way – or rarely just get together and f’in chill. so we decided to throw together a simple night, set a couple long tables in an empty rock club, cook up some sturdy drinking food, set the table with bottles of whiskey – and throughout the night let songs rise up from the table. we invited about fifteen of northwest’s better known talents to consider the ancient tradition of the drinking song (and its bastard sister the easting song) – they said yes bless them – and so the night will roll out as such. I sadly can’t invite everyone to this particular table – but I am keeping you posted because if this one isn’t a disaster we will continue – and the musical offerings will be recorded – and most likely you will soon be able to listen in. and if you are a musician – host one – make it happen – record it – share it with us.
huge thanks to neumos and makers mark and vita for making this night possible. - MH

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