Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a dinner with christian lander. july 15th.

white people like christian lander. it is harder to tell whether or not christian lander likes white people. i had one presumably non-white person tell me they were deeply offended i was doing a dinner with christian lander. i didn't know how to respond. anger, remorse, laughter, confusion and in the end it just left me stumped. i think his blog is laugh out loud funny. i am white.


i want to talk to christian. i want a thirty people to talk to christian, intimately. and i want to do it at the hideout in the company of greg lundgren and friends. and i want to raise a glass to his remarkably amusing effort: i am still stumped. but gladly. is this really all that controversial?

dinner with christian. 6pm. the hideout. $60. includes his new book. email onepotorg@gmail to request a seat.

book signing and cocktail imbibing with christian. 8pm. the hideout. free and open to the public.

this event happening because kim ricketts is rad.

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