Wednesday, August 20, 2008


One Pot will be "in residency" this year at the Bumbershoot Festival. We are taking one of the massive Northwest Rooms hostage for the entire weekend. The idea is rather simple - I will be cooking some very lovely, very simple dinners - you will be coming and bringing some very thoughtful words, songs, artifacts... you bring something - i cook food - you bring something. simple.

And something a little more specific than anything.

We are taking advantage of this amazing space - building a long gorgeous table from a tree that recently fell down in Marysville, WA - constructing a kitchen - and sharing food - in the honor of an odd but important anniversary - 1968 - a year that saw more riotous uprising than any other year in the history of man - or so they say. They also say 68 reshaped the world, they also say 68 will never happen again. 68 is the topic - but your contribution to the dinner could also have something to do with radicalism, uprising, rebellion, etc etc in any form. I wasn't even born when the trouble started in Prague in the springtime of '68 - so don't be discouraged.

So to recap - you come with something - literally - some piece of writing - some piece of music you want to perform - some piece of literature you found - some kind of artifact - to be shared at the table. dinner is free. bumbershoot is not.

email me if you would like to pre-reserve a spot.


6pm Saturday August 30th
6pm Sunday August 31st
6pm Monday September 1st.

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