Saturday, September 6, 2008

bumbershoot... is... over...

it was a wild three days - or rather 8 months - of planning, sweating, cooking, filming, damn - i am still too exhausted to write much more than that - it left me very fulfilled and completely spent.

we are working on post production - and should soon have remarkable sound and video of:
matthew caws of nada surf
enchanting musical rants by the nick jaina band
genius award winner rebecca brown singing paul revere
wunderkind photographer chase jarvis
tilson of the saturday knights
the maldives getting sentimental
a brilliant sly contribution by a hero of mine chip kidd

and dozens of others ranging from age 8 to age 88 (how old is deedee rainbow?) drawing attention at the table and contributing some damn moving shit about 1968.

and since i don't have anything finished to show yet - here is link to some initial photos from drew and a new video from the first songs for eating and drinking dinner - featuring ritchie of loch lomond singing his pretty heart out.

videos of stone gossard, arthur and yu, the saturday knights, head like a kite, fences, plus insanely beautiful pics, recipes, at

and to close the bshoot post... a huge shout out to:

the bumbershoot production crew who ended up being remarkably supportive - matt stegner who spent a multitude of hours capturing some brilliant audio recordings - michael and wendy on cameras, holly, stephanie, theo, johnathan, alicia, rachel, emily, matt, erin, juniper, amy, drew, dustin, the ice cream man.. i am missing someone - all put it in hours upon hours, and whitney and sam made the thing happen.

and a huge thank you to adobe, nw film forum, frank's produce, , urban hardwoods, macrina bakery, pedersen rentals, and big mario for making this project possible.