Monday, October 27, 2008

One Pot + DJ Spooky aka Paul Miller aka That Subliminal Kid = Nov. 1st.

One Pot + Caffe Vita + The Stranger's own Charles Mudede will be throwing a little dinner in honor of our old friend Paul Miller better known as the internationally renowned recording artist DJ Spooky. a last minute feast in honor of my old friend paul miller - better known as the internationally renowned recording artist dj spooky. paul might be the most versatile artist I know - his work seems to pop up everywhere - the venice biennial, the whitney biennial, the andy warhol museum - then one night he told me he was headed to antartica to live and produce a multi-media suite on glacial un-rest, before that he confided that he had covertly bought the rites to the d.w. griffith classic birth of a nation which he later turned inside out re-mixed as rebirth of a nation and made some angry white men angrier (the power of appropriation has rarely been sweeter). his musical volumes are seemingly endless and staggering in their intensity and beauty - and his writing is moving and sharp edged and also voluminous.

I could go on - but the important part is that we get paul for a few hours - he is playing at nectar later in the evening - but from 6-10 we are going to eat like kings, share conversation with paul and his old buddy charles mudede, play some tunes, and drink in honor of his new book SOUND UNBOUND.

this event is happening because of the continuing generosity and support of the arts that is caffe vita - we will be supping in vita's gorgeous capitol hill loft - every diner gets a copy of his new book and music collection. come hear what one of the countries most vital artists has to say for himself...

$45/person. limited space. email quickly. includes Sound Unbound
or $30/person - come after dinner at 8:30 for the conversation, book siging, etc. r.s.v.p. required. includes Sound Unbound
push to reserve.
and then head down to nectar to catch him make beautiful sounds.

"From Raymond Scott to the hidden racism in digital circuitry to a history of easy listening, there is enough inspiring weirdness here to fuel some musical fires for a good while." David Byrne on Sound Unbound

email onepotorg@gmail to pre-reserve...

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