Wednesday, April 8, 2009

vita loft series: a parent and kid night with food genius nina planck and the folks from the experience food project = april 23

alright - so the details are still being determined, but this is what i know for sure:

the sparkling-brilliant-provocateur nina planck will be on hand with both of her groundbreaking books urging america to eat REAL FOOD.

this is an evening primarily for adults and their kids - but we welcome everyone. nursing moms, kids who don't want to hang with their parents, single folks, etc.

tom french from the experience food project will be on hand to talk about school food policy - and what he is doing to change it. and andrew radzialowski will be with me in the kitchen - and we are hoping we get some EFP kids to come join us as servers and cooks as well.

this will be a damn fun night - we want to involve the whole table in a conversation about the absolute need to change what our kids eat - what our country eats - and how in the hell we are going to make this shift happen - now.

plus you get a copy of one of nina's books. signed, sealed and delivered.

$60/person (infants no charge)
*proceeds go to the experience food project.
location: still working this out.
click to grab a seat

**** huge thanks to kim ricketts for co-producing the VITA LOFT events listed above.

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