Wednesday, June 3, 2009

first annual potlatch after sasquatch. *arthur and yu, say hi, shawn smith, and mount eerie = june 4th

thursday june 4th. breaking the ban and giving it all away! 7pm – 10pm
caffe vita capitol hill. 1005 e pike. $15/door. all proceeds go to the vera project.

featuring intimate sets by *grant olsen of arthur and yu, say hi (solo), mount eerie/phil elverum, shawn smith of brad. one pot will be preparing and giving away bowls of soup, caffe vita will be handing out mugs of their farm direct coffee, music will fill the cafe and pour out onto pike street and artist ty willman will be donating the proceeds from his new work. this region has a long history of "potlatch" gatherings; we might not be burning canoes or breaking coppers on june 4th but there certainly will be much offered in the way of song, food, and coffee.

noun; a party or celebration that could involve extravagant or competitive giving and destruction of valued items.

potlatch ban. potlatching was made illegal in canada in 1885 and the united states in the late nineteenth century, largely at the urging of missionaries and government agents who considered it "a worse than useless custom," and found the flagrant generosity objectionable.

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