Tuesday, August 11, 2009

night school begins.

drinking lessons. august 18th, august 24th, and dates tba.

murray stenson + toby cecchini + ryan magarian + alex day + jeffrey morganthaler + jamie boudreau + the rest of leading bartenders in the country = drinking lessons at the sorrento hotel

what we have here is a rare thing. the sorrento hotel has agreed to let me gather the american cocktail gods behind their gorgeous bar . one after the other they will arrive. take up residence. and we will begin a full on study of the american cocktail. these charming savants (click here for bios and the full list of those that have committed thus far…) are deeply in the midst of rethinking the cocktail – and we are lucky enough to get an opportunity to drink their craft.

while we imbibe we will come to understand the techniques and histories at the core of each drink. think of it as the most sensually appealing seminar ever. only twelve seats per session; expect three remarkable cocktails, an earful of history, and some well crafted bar snacks from matthew mina to soften the soft blow of the booze. (if you haven’t been to the hunt club bar think don draper, 3pm, 1962, tucked into his third martini imagining the bedrooms above)

August 18th : Ryan Thomas Magarian 5:30pm and 8pm
August 24th : Murray Stenson 5:30pm and 8pm

the lovely thing: despite the fact that we have only 12 seats per session – those gin-loving encyclopedists at foodista.com will be on site documenting each session – posting the recipes and media in real time and allowing people in iceland to join in. you can follow the action here (starting next week) www.foodista.com/nightschool. we will also be publishing small quarterly chapooks of the recipes.

Cost: $50 (+ $10 for the quarterly Drinking Lesson recipe chapbook)
To make a reservation request click here: nightschool@hotelsorrento.com

this is part of a new collaboration with the sorrento hotel called night school.

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