Monday, February 1, 2010

Drinking Lessons 10, 11, and 12.

Our Winter Line-up (click date for tickets)

January 18th: Jamie Boudreau
February 21st: Neyah White + Duggan Mccdonnell
February 22nd: Neyah White + Duggan Mccdonnell
February 28th: Max Watman + Christian Krogstad
*March 7th: Robert Hess Absinthe Soiree.

Drinking Lesson guests can expect an animated two hour lesson in the preparation and history of (at least) three distinct cocktails. To temper the libations the Hunt Club will pepper the evening with a few small bites from the kitchen. Sessions are limited to twelve individuals only.

In an effort to not only imbibe – but also to document the new American cocktail we are honored to continue partnering with the web-based cooking encyclopedia Foodista will have staff on hand at all Drinking Lesson events to document the recipes, transcribe them to the web in real time, and create a web-based event out of the proceedings so that people around the globe can take part in the intimate experience at the bar. $55/person per class.

+ Our first edition of recipes Drinking Lesson: Volume One is now available at the Sorrento. Featuring recipes by Murray Stenson, Ryan Magarian, Robert Hess, and Jeffrey Morgenthaler. $10.

*Robert Hess Absinthe Soiree – we will have details very soon.

The Bartenders:

Jamie Boudreau.
Legendary Canadian mixologist named one of the greatest bartender’s in the world by WIRED magazine… Read full bio here.

Neyah White.
Bay area bar star from renowned SF restaurant/bar Nopa… Read full bio here.

Duggan Mcdonnell.
Food and Wine recently hailed Duggan one of the best mixologists in the country… Read full bio here.

Max Watman.
NEA writing fellow and author of the forthcoming CHASING THE WHITE DOG: An Amateur Outlaw's Adventures in Moonshine… Read full bio here.

Christian Krogstad. Founder of the renowned distillery House Spirits in Portland, OR... Read full bio here.

Robert Hess.
Celebrated cocktail historian and founder of the American Cocktail Museum… Read full bio here..

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