Tuesday, May 18, 2010

lauren bush + ellen gustafson = midnight symposium may 24th.

lauren bush and ellen gustafson have sold over 546,000 feed bags in three years and as a result served over 55 million meals to the hungry. on monday night they are joining us for a midnight symposium about hunger and changing the system.

midnight symposium with lauren bush and ellen gustafson. may 24th. doors at 8pm.

tickets are $60 - over half of that goes to haiti (in the form of a haiti feed bag you get to take with you) the rest goes toward a big pot of stew, a big bottle of whisky - and a clutch of wine - and the rare opportunity to spend an evening with two of the most remarkable young philanthropists in the world. there will be required reading. click here for more details and click here for tickets.

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