Tuesday, August 10, 2010

soul cities.

fall + winter = heaviness. summer should be more like... a little dress or really small shorts.

a new one pot joint in collaboration with dj cooky parker and many others.

number one. neumos. tuesday august 17th.
dj cooky parker, dj riz, dj mike nipper
+ a special performance by theesatisfaction

you can: come to dinner: 7pm
you can: come to dance: 9pm

this is a series: we will be holding one event every two months or so: we will be focusing on one soul city per evening: the food, the music, the history: the dinner will erupt into a dirty soul dance party: featuring the best damn soul dj's spinning rare 45's and extraordinary cuts: this is an exploration of the word, the music, the food, and the culture we know of as soul. the first dinner / party focuses more widely on north america / and the larger sense of the word.

dinner by: one pot, joshua henderson of skillet, rahwah and crew from HIDMO, and dj cooky parker. forty dollars. email onepotorg@gmail.com to reserve.

dance party: 9pm to late. click here to grab tix. five dollars. or just come down the night of...
some words from dj cooky parker:

The "afterlife" is a baffling and controversial thing, so let's leave it alone for now and come together to deal with something much less frustrating
and dance

The word itself has very little to no negative meaning in any language. This conclusion then leads to the understanding that anything associated with the word is going to be good, really really good

Case in point: Unless "soul" food is made by incapable hands it tends to cause elation and then a deep sense of satisfaction. In even rarer cases; unless the r&b/soul singer is given a clunker of a song, the music often causes awe and a sudden urge to dance one's ass off.

Tonight we will provide both the food and the music, the dancing will rely on you.

For those who come to dinner you will be asked to involve yourself in a discussion on the history of soul music, the merits of it and the importance of it. Some records will be played, some singers and writers will be focused on and everyone will surely walk away with a much deeper understanding of the depth and scope of this truly amazing American art form known as Soul and R&B music. For those that come after, the party will have already begun so just jump right in.

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