Tuesday, February 13, 2007

one pot + kill 'n cut

there will be more on this soon - and a link to a youtube video to delight and impress - but one pot has begun an odd thing i guess best described as chefdom master classes. first adventure was heading out to a splendid farm on vashon that will remain unnamed, meeting a very friendly female black pig named jackson, drinking some makers mark (at 9am) then blasting ms. jackson in the head with a 33. slitting her throating, bleeding her into a steel bowl - you have to do this fast while the heart is still beating - hanging her, skinning her, gutting her, opening some great white wine, grilling up some of her fresh liver, and tender hangar steak - calling it a day - returning in the morning for more makers, and a full scale butchery lesson by the ever brilliant morgan brownlow, eating a remarkable lunch of butter poached tenderloin, and the best damn bollito misto (really ever) and then making prosciutto, and pancetta, and all kind’s of lovely shit. the best part: this class was attended by literally 18 of the most remarkable chefs in the seattle area - hungry for the knowledge - splattered with jackson blood, happy as - well - pigs in… - MH

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