Sunday, April 8, 2007

one pot + clear cut = april 13

Clear Cut Press Potlatch @ Chateaux Duwamps on Friday April 13, 2007
Chateaux Duwamps, a potlatch site in Seattle, opens Friday, April 13, with Clear Cut Press, OnePot, theBackroom, RodeoFilmCo (Matt McCormick will play his new music and video piece FUTURE SO BRIGHT), a slide talk from Matthijs Bouw of, an auction of Michael Brophy paintings when we became aware of a fox-faced visitor. music by DJ Masa.
Invite all your best friends (and foxy strangers) to this signal redistribution of wealth.
Register for 7pm dinner at (reserved seating only - hurry!). Everything else begins at 8pm (no reservation required). Money will be recycled at the door. Plan to buy a Michael Brophy painting. Get auction guide from
Chateaux Duwamps: 207 South Horton - Seattle(Second @ Horton. First light north of Spokane St./West Seattle Bridge. South of the stadia.)
Clear Cut Press will make certain announcements about the future from a lounge inspired by Vital 5 and enlightened by Flux Inc. All ages welcome. - MH

photos by jasmine park

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