Friday, April 20, 2007

one pot + urban rest stop = april 28

this event is a fundraiser. a fundraiser for the most lucid project I have come across in recent years. the urban rest stop – which provides hygienic showering facilities and laundry access to over 10,000 homeless men, women and children each year. go to the urban rest stop for more information on their ongoing work. The rest stop is part of The Lower Housing Income Institute – again “remarkable” – and LIHI has all of these wonderful old decaying buildings that will soon be redeveloped and sparkle in the seattle skyline. but one of these spaces is still hunched over on itself formerly an ever popular belltown club – called fittingly “the downunder” – nothing has changed in this surrealist daydream since they closed their doors many moons ago – it is in a decedent state of ruin – some strange mix between bad circus and a tropical casablanca. I think it is sublimely beautiful. so we are doing a big ol one pot dinner – concept: take whatever foodstuffs we get donated (mostly from whole foods) get together with some cooks – and just invent some dishes as we go along – feeding the great pots with bits of this and that– and then serve it forth in this forgotten playground. the evening continues with a robust cabaret by theatre impresario seanjohn walsh, and hits stride with a late night dance party. the bar is being run by those lovely kids from the viceroy. and late night spinning by dj greg jaspan. if you can’t make the dinner - come by for the cabaret (9:30) - or to shake it (11). - MH

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