Tuesday, May 8, 2007

one pot + devils point = may 5

on may 5th at 2pm morgan and I sauntered into food 4 less on powell and 82nd in portland. and we shopped heavy. then we hit up the liquor store. then we sauntered – yep, sauntered – into the kitchen. it was as small as a glory hole, and less clean. and then the music started and the girls were there and they were getting all naked, and we threw the beef in the big pot, and added the old crow and it cooked and cooked and then people showed up, and they started drinking with a vengeance – and we turned the pool table into a massive plank of dining – and we lined up the tables, and then me and the naked girls brought out big pots of food, the menu: chopped romaine tossed with tater tots, green beans, bacon, and a creamy bacon fat horseradish dressing – and then creamed beef, ez cheese, and wonder bread toast. and then some really awful deep fried twinkies. and people threw money at the girls, and then they threw money at us and then some dirty rock bands took the stage – and the darlins kicked some ass – and then the soda pop kids made us feel like we were in LA in the early 80’s watching the birth of motley crue – it was a night… so deep with celebration… and thank you devil’s point - thank you for letting us play. and thank you lux and rocket and stormy for being so true to your craft. - MH

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