Saturday, May 5, 2007

one pot + zoo = may 11

most of you have heard rumblings about a certain movie that goes by the name ZOO. maybe you heard something about a few horse happy men out in enumclaw. modern pioneers? controversy aside, it is a film of staggering beauty and shot straight through with a sympathetic blast, a kind of landmine of humanity that should carry well versed warnings – you won’t be transformed by disgust but instead by a more challenging and actually terrifying thing: empathy – at least that was my enlightening/troubling experience – regardless may 12th is the seattle premier – and it seems that mr. mudede and mr. devor and one pot are going to host a little post screening shindig. the details are still murky – but let me know if you want to be kept in the loop.
“I admit if this had happened on an ugly pig farm we wouldn’t have made the film.” charles mudede. - MH

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