Sunday, September 2, 2007

one pot + bridge motel = sept 15

for one strange night we get to witness a kind of haunting – something like poltergeist meets psycho meets artaud – wtf? – apparently there is a motel in the deep north end of seattle – and according to posted warnings it will soon get blown to bits – but in that moment – that inbreath – before it is rubble – a few dozens artists are going to inhabit its halls, back themselves into its yellowed rooms, tumble among the stained and rich sheets. installations, performance art, war dances, like I said… hauntings. I really couldn’t tell you much more than that. but I suggest you pack the family cruiser and head in a northerly direction.
we are going to do something that night – I am still deciding – but it will include a long table – and some big pots – and plenty of food – but it will also include participation – I need volunteers and the curious – we might just gather a large pile of food – and start cooking together – and then dine on whatever we jointly prepare. I think that is the idea – a kind of ritualized cooking among strangers. so I guess - let me know if you want to come along.
and if you want something a little less cryptic about the bridge motel business – go to - MH

post script: 40 people showed up to create dinner - and found a kitchen - a table - and no-host. they had to create their own feast - the food was there - in pristine condition - unprepared - but with instructions - the night was a tremendous success - or so they tell me - they fed around 80 people that night in the middle of the maelstrom of the bridge motel. and i got to shoot a cautionary message through the one pot work: in this strange land of pots everyone is completely responsible for their own experience - culture is created, not produced.

photos by drew zandonella-stannard

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