Thursday, August 30, 2007

one pot + how hitler saved my life = sept 8

on Thursday august 9th one pot was witness to a major transformation. we had invited artist and agent-provocateur jim riswold to come back home –he filled a moving truck full of pictures and turned a dusty half finished gallery on cap hill into a rather sensationally exposition – the topic. well, food. and more importantly – bad people: tyrants, real life monsters, essentially colossal f#ckers. if you haven’t seen the show – go – seriously. it will be up till mid september and it will make you laugh – and as riz so cleverly points out these f#ckers hate to be laughed at.
and if you haven’t seen riswold speak – then mark the 8th on your calendar and head down. riswold’s story will amaze – a few hints – jim was one of the most powerful creative directors known to man, he helped start and definitely helped elevate that lil’ ad company called wieden and kennedy (w+ k is vaguely famous for a couple words strung together: just do it). and then at the peak of his career (and majestic partnership in the firm) cancer intervened, a serious amount of the nasty stuff. most doctors would say an amount WAY way beyond lethal – and the ornery bastard decided to keep living – but he said adieu to the upper elevations of advertising and now he plays with toys – and the results are so worth your time.
jim will be leading us through this painfully funny journey. and we will have high tea, and sweet-tea-time-things. - MH

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