Thursday, August 23, 2007

one pot + alice b. toklas = sept 6

this is the continuation of our “history of the mouth” series with the ever-talented morgan brownlow. so far we have dug into the world of apicius, and the head and belly of brillat-savarin, and strolled through the eating habits of histories most monstrous tyrants with jim riswold – and now we are alighting on the oft overlooked alice b. toklas. what is the point of this series? well morgan and I thought it would be a lovely pursuit to use the table, and the pen, and sometimes the brush and certainly the stove and plate to further understand these warm human monuments that have craftily shaped our cultural relationship to food – they are not chefs – but they have influenced our eating habits perhaps more than the chefs of their day – and so we circle down into the world of alice b. toklas and her-much-more-marqueed-lover-and-life-partner gertrude stein. toklas/stein played host to an entire generation of artists and writers, like some great life giving teat stein/toklas made sure picasso got lunch, hemingway had something other than martinis in his frightful belly, and crazy-eyed braque had a soft place to lay his head (admission: I actually don’t know a thing about braque or his eyes…) . we will have a few guests bestowing gifts on the evening: matthew stadler and stephanie snyder and some special guests from distant lands . (if girl on girl love makes you uncomfortable I suggest you consider a rain check.) - MH

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