Thursday, August 9, 2007

one pot + B.P.H.T.E.T. = august 9

talk about an embarrassment of riches. we have somehow convinced the ever talented and delightfully controversial artist jim riswold to come up from portland and play for an entire month. go to his website - laugh – because his work is funny – and if you are too precious to find the humor then you and i shouldn’t go for walks in the park. jim has made it his neuvo-life work to humanize the oppressors, to deflate the monsters – in a few short words: riswold makes art about bad people. and he is going to hang an entire show called Bad People Have To Eat Too – and morgan brownlow and i are going to throw a decadent dinner party among his rippling images – it will be the food that hitler loved, that mussolini dreamed about, and that ceasar had some poor slave boy rub between his thighs. we will regale you with stories about tyrants and their bellies…

if you can’t make the full sit down - come by the gallery the same night sometime btw 7-11pm for the more casual opening soiree - the rest of us will be sequestered in the back eating of the bad. 1508 11th ave. seattle - MH

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