Sunday, October 7, 2007

one pot + brazil = oct 22

as many of you know local coffee roaster caffe vita and one pot have started a multi-dimensional project to criss-cross the globe together. vita spends its time developing relationships with farmers – cutting through the layers of middlemen – and buying beans directly from farmers – really really good farmers. and one pot hits the ground and figures out how to invoke a table on the ground in these regions – and pack it full of good farmers, and maybe some bad farmers and pickers, brokers, writers… the idea is to use the table to incite dialogue and understand what the hell is actually going on in the world of coffee – the table like a big long examination table – I will save you all of the details here as you can pop over to the one pot + vita site and read at length about the project – so far it has been incredible.

on the 22nd we delve into brazil – we have the coffee – we even have the farmer – we have rich footage from the lush farms – we have footage from the favelas in rio – we will have artisan cachaca for caipirinhas, we will be recreating the food that we feasted on in brazil – the same meal we ate with the farmers. essentially we have a little slice of brazil. but don’t expect only niceties – brazil is one of the brightest and yet still darkest carpets of the globe. - MH

our pics from brazil:

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