Wednesday, October 3, 2007

one pot + sweet crude + joel bisina= oct 14

we are thrilled to have a rare opportunity to engage with the irrepressibly brilliant sandy cioffi on the heels of her film premiere. sandy’s documentary sweet crude recently premiered seattle international film festival. sweet crude deeply questions the stark contrast between the insanely oil rich nigerian delta and the impoverished almost dehumanized state of its inhabitants.
and on this particular night we have a postcard from the nigerian delta. but better than a postcard an actual fleshy postcard. and one with lungs and a huge f#cking heart.
this sunday we are going to make some nigerian pepper soup – and we are going to sit with and share soup with and talk with and drink with and go late into the night with super nova filmmaker sandy cioffi and guest of honor - joel bisina – joel has been a critical leader in the nigerian delta – a kind of lighthouse of hope – and he is here in seattle - he came all the way from the delta – and if you missed the first viewing of sweet crude – you missed something remarkable – but it is a work in progress – and we are going to see new footage – and hear what is happening right now – today – in the delta. this will be casual. you will bring your own bowl and your own spoon. seriously. and we will provide soup. and you will bring wine or whiskey or whatever.
location: verite madrona (verite gallantly funded sweet crude – thank you jody and crew…)time: 6:30bring: wine to share, a bowl, and a spoon.price: whatever you want to pay – I will subtract my food expense and the rest goes directly to the kids in the delta. a little goes a long way. a lot goes even further. - MH

photos by drew zandonella-stannard

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