Friday, March 6, 2009

history of the mouth continues: one pot + cremant + andrew will + mfk fisher = march 29th

the mouth has had a long - super hot - history. our series continues with a tremendous wine fueled homage to mfk fisher at the precious-french-gem CREMANT. winemaker david oldham from andrew will (will) be showing off his newly released vintages and chef brendan mcgill is spending the month re-exploring a piece of writing that has left an indelible mark on his culinary career "the gastronomic me" penned by my favorite culinary siren mfk fisher. expect: four courses of sumptuous MFK inspired fare, four brilliant andrew will wines, a post-modern-cozy space imagined by none other than roy mcmakin and a few snidbits of MFK offered with glasses raised.

$80/person. gratuity not included. location: cremant.
grab a seat here.

*the history of the mouth series has included indulgent explorations of such texts as the work of apicius, the work of brillat savarin, the alice b. toklas cookbook, and a dinner/exhibition with artist jim riswold entitled Bad People Have to Eat Too. people are encouraged to bring their favorite MFK passage or just come and stuff themselves with wine and food.

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