Monday, April 19, 2010

12 books poetry and hip hop salon presented by Night School, Larry Mizell Jr., Hedgebrook, and Whit Press.

April 26th, 8pm - Penthouse - Sorrento Hotel
This event is free. All ages. Full bar

Poets: Ruth Forman, Karen Finnyfrock, Rich Jensen, Kary Wayson, Trent Moorman, Jeremy Richards, Rachel Kessler, Storme Webber, and Tara Hardy

MC's: Larry Mizell (Mash Hall), Geologic (Blue Scholars), Gabriel Teodros, D. Black, Fatal Lucciauno, Hollis and Lioness(Canary Sing), Tilson (The Saturday Knights).

Why? Because Seattle has one of the most remarkable hip hop communities in the country & Seattle is home to some of the best poets and publishing houses on the globe... And we think it is important to bring these two essential crafts together.

What? A casual evening of readings in the gorgeous penthouse of the historic Sorrento hotel. Picture a lavish room overlooking the city, candlelight, full bars, and about 75-100 people lounging about in decadence and listening to verse. Conversation among the artists/writers will be encouraged.

More information on the Sorrento Hotel's unique bookstore, 12 Books, HERE. Plus we well be announcing the Spring 12 books list at the salon.

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