Sunday, May 9, 2010

Night School. Chamber Vs. Chamber No.3 with "Awesome"

Chamber Vs. Chamber No. 3 with "Awesome" + Sarah Rudinoff, Nick Garrison and Special Guests.

chamber music vs. chamber (indie) rock

"Lessons from West" : Sunday, May 23rd 2010, Fireside Room, 6:00pm doors, $12.

A night of music and operatic lushness with "Awesome" and very special guests + post-concert conversation hosted by Mark Baumgarten, City Arts Editor, Matthew Richter (director of West), and the musicians. Photos by David Nixon.

As the musical fraction of the Sorrento's Night School, Chamber vs. Chamber endeavors to spark a dialogue between indie rock and traditional chamber music, combining classical chamber performances with indie rock theatrics. Each Chamber vs. Chamber evening will include multiple illuminating performances and conversation between the musicians and leaders in the classical and indie rock canon.

After "Awesome" fills the Fireside Room of the Sorrento with musical banter, Mark Baumgarten (Executive Editor of City Arts Magazine) and Matthew Richter (Director of West) will lead a discussion between the audience and musicians, touching on the inspiration behind the music, and the influences of both classical and indie rock repertoires. This specific Chamber Vs. Chamber will focus on the historical trajectory that includes the advent of opera and the evolution of theatrical music through the compositions of Kurt Weill, "Awesome", and others...


West was developed and premiered to much critical acclaim and sold out shows at On the Boards April 2010.

"In "West," their epic-scale and near-epic-length new show at On the Boards, the video wizardry of "Awesome" has taken a quantum leap.
- Seattle Times


Part band, part art collective, "AWESOME" combines lush, dense vocal harmonies with a unique mix of electric and acoustic instruments including: guitar, bass, drums, trumpet, accordion, mandolin, banjo, theremin, typewriter, kitchen utensils, and anything else lying around that makes an interesting sound.

"Awesome" aren't the best at what they do...they're the only ones that do what they do. To see them is to be completely awed by what masters and visionaries they are.
- Seattle Weekly

Sarah Rudinoff // Nick Garrison.

These two superstars require little introduction...

"Sarah Rudinoff is so talented it's goddamn ridiculous. A pageant of moxie, a carnival of fabulous."
Adrian Ryan, The Stranger

"Nick Garrison is a pocket-size Piaf who could galvanize a room with his outsize charisma and chameleon's gift to become whatever song he sings."
Steve Wiecking, The Seattle Weekly

**Sarah and Nick we will be joined by Chris Jeffries (1st Stranger Genius Award Winner in theatre, composer extraordinaire) on Piano and Brendan Kellogg (of We Are Golden) on Cello.

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