Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hebb/One Pot embark on Master's Fellowship with MCDM at UW. Focus: Social Ritual + Digital Narrative.

[In an effort to open source this collaboration, here is the syllabus from our first session. The goal of the Fellowship is to develop academic rigor/curriculum and new digital tools/strategies for the work we have come to call *tablemaking, *social ritual and on occasion *radical hospitality. MCDM = Master of Communication in Digital Media // University of Washington]

Lunch Session Number One: The Salon, The Symposium, and The "Erotic" Life of Small Gatherings.

Special Guest: Stephanie Snyder, Curator Reed College Museum, Getty Fellow, Writer, Artist, Friend. Stephanie will be joining us via Skype from 12:30 to 1pm

>>>Hakim Bey - Communique #6 1. Salon Apocalypse "Secret Theatre"

>>>Allan Kaprow. Notes on The Elimination of the Audience.

>>>Michael Hebb - Tablemaking - TEDx Rainier

>>>Diedrich Diederichsen. People of Intensity, People of Power: The Nietzsche Economy

>>>Stephanie Snyder. Letters from the Symposium.

>>>Anne Lill. The Symposium, Wine, and the Ethics of the Polis. Trames, No 3, Vol 3, 1999

Fall chicories, walnuts, goat ricotta, pickled peppers, banyuls vinegar, spanish olive oil.
Slow roasted tomato and pork sugo, trenne, cracked pepper.

photos by Filiz Efe and Scott Macklin


Dont make me do this said...

Since this appears to be a serious pursuit, I strongly recommend looking at Richard Sennett and his works on the use of public space and public behavior in civilization. And Thomas Cahill's fun book "The Wine Dark" which has a wonderful chapter about how the Greeks ate and partied.

ONE POT said...

Thanks DMMDT, will definitely check out Sennett/Chahill. Any/all recommendations much appreciated.