Friday, August 10, 2012

DIGITAL NEGLECT: A year passes.

For some reason the Siren Call of blogging, tweeting, tumbling has as all but silenced in the OnePot camp. But it has been a tremendous year - filled with constant new insight into the power and praxis of conviviality.

Mind-expanding collaborations with summit series, architecture for humanity, the 30 project, clinton global initiative, mastercard foundation, xprize, theo chocolate, global washington, town hall, chase jarvis, the recording academy, the burning man project and so many remarkable individuals - continue to challenge what we believe is possible around the common table.

 Ironically in this period of DIGITAL SILENCE we have forged our strongest technology work to date - in collaboration with the Masters of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington - and as a recipient of their inaugural Teaching Fellow position - much has been accomplished.

 Here is a quick recap of our first year in Academia - the early ideas of fusing the Table and the Digital - and the Masters Course that is coming in the fall...

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