Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chamber Vs. Chamber = Indie Rock Vs Classical... Death match. Loch Lomond, Lori Goldston, Spectratone

The Sorrento Hotel, City Arts Magazine and Night School present “Chamber vs. Chamber”.
Nov. 7th, 2009. Fireside Room @ The Sorrento. 7:30 PM. $15.
Loch Lomond, Lori Goldston (solo cellist) and Spectratone.

Mozart, Hindemith, and Brahms are sadly losing relevancy by the day, symphony audiences are dropping, and “chamber music” is not a word you read on twitter.

Yet in the midst of this shift away from the classical repertoire, indie rock musicians like The Decemberists, Grizzly Bear, Andrew Bird, Loch Lomond, Portland Cello Project, and Jherek Bischof are thriving and incorporating chamber instruments, classical music sensibility and theory into their music--and filling clubs across the country doing it.

Night School at the Sorrento suggests that we spark a dialogue between these two related musical disciplines and combine classical chamber performances with those of indie rock darlings. Each “Chamber Vs. Chamber” evening will include multiple performances that culminate in a conversation between musicians and leaders in both the classical and indie rock universes. We will fill the Fireside Room at the Sorrento with music, people, cocktails, a roaring fire, and thoughtful conversation.

Our inaugural event combines performances by celebrated cellist and composer Lori Goldston, rising chamber indie rock stars Loch Lomond and cross-disciplinary veterans Spectratone. The evening’s conversation will be hosted by the Executive Editor of City Arts Magazine, Mark Baumgarten and classical music critic and historian Zach Carstensen ( To close the festivities, Loch Lomond and Spectratone will perform together. City Arts will capture video and produce films documenting each “Chamber Vs. Chamber” performance.

Seating is very limited, and tickets are available at:
facebook event page

Night School
at the Sorrento: Night School is a collaboration between The Sorrento, Michael Hebb, an array of intellectuals, artists, writers, filmmakers, mixologists, chefs and the leading cultural institutions in the Northwest. Stay tuned…

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